Sidebar, Edge Screen, Shortcuts - Swiftly Switch v3.2.0.1 APK

File size: 14.00MB
Requires: Android 5.0+

"Swiftly Switch actually redefines the way you switch between your favourite or your recent applications running on an Android device." -
"Swiftly Switch Adds Multitasking Pie To The Edge Of Any Android Device" -

" This amazing tool takes convenience to a new level. There is no more need to wait while switching between running apps. With this app, launching your favorites are just one swipe away!" -
Do you use a lot of apps at once? Tired of slowly switching from one app to another? Struggle of using your phone with one-hand? Well, you're in luck because this handy tool will help you instantly accessing your recent apps, favorite apps or your last app effortlessly! With this multitasking app, all you have to do is one swipe from the screen's edge within any app!
That's not all, let see what can you do with one swipe:
+ App switcher: switch between recent apps, favorites apps, last app instantly
+ Navigation: quickly execute Home, Back button by gesture
+ Pull down notification center easily
+ Quick setting: on/off wifi, bluetooth, rotation,... from anywhere
+ Fast and simple to use, lot of customization
+ Well design: always hidden but easy to access, bring the alt tab to mobile.
+ Privacy: no root require, no internet access, no ads and FREE

+ Switch to recent app: swipe inwards from the the trigger edge (middle of the right as default), keep the finger on the screen, move to one of the app icons that appear in a semi-circle and lift your finger up
+ Switch to favorite apps: swipe inwards from the trigger, hold your finger on one of the app icons for about 1 sec, choose the app appear in the grid
+ Quick Action: they're place outside of the semi-circle which include: home button, back button, last app and pull down notification. You can customize these quick action so you can: on/off wifi, bluetooth, rotation, power menu, ....

+ Multitasking easily just like the PC's alt tab or LMT in rooted device
+ Return to one handed using your phone by Quick action (home, back button, pull down notification)
+ Take action without stay your eyes on the phone cause the Quick action is design so you can perform just by gesture, just try it!
+ Hide apps from home screen cause now you can put your favorite apps in the favorite section to access everywhere just like an edge launcher.
+ Show battery percentage and time for quickly glance in moment

And it's FREE, so what are you waiting for download Swiftly Switch and get awesome experience of app switching and multitasking with your device..!