Friend is online! for Facebook v1.5.7 APK

Friend is online! for Facebook v1.5.7 APK

Version: 1.5.7
File size: 4.47MB
Requires: Android 4.3+

Friend is online! for Facebook

This is NOT official Facebook App. It's a third-party app developed by TBCITW that helps you.
"Facebook" belongs to Facebook, Inc. No Copyright infringement intended

Do you want to know when your friend log in Facebook?
This app can notify you when the friends you selected get online on Facebook!
Also, using this app will not change your online status. You're invisible(offline) and your friends will not know you are tracking them.

You can chat with them when they got online. Never miss your best friends or your lover when they are online!

How to use:
1. Login in
2. Pick up the friends you want to track.
3. Done!

You will receive notifications with their profile pictures when your favorite friends get online or offline on Facebook!